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Let your genuine nature glow. It's that simple. At PDPAOLA we're all about creating pieces that allow you to express yourself in your own authentic way. In the spirit of the brand lies the adventure of self-discovery, the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Unassuming essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine by your own accord.

Every collection is the creation of a new world for the woman of today who is style-conscious, independent, and unapologetically herself. We like to call it rebellious elegance with the right amount of effortless cool.


Inspired by a family of strong and multifaceted women, siblings Paola and Humbert, founded PDPAOLA in 2014 out of their desire to create a brand that could resonate with today's modern woman and accompany her in the many roles she takes on in life.

After abandoning their respective careers they made their passion for design and jewelry a lifelong project, and honouring women their mission. Today we are proud to create pieces that bring a little joy and sparkle to women's everyday lives in over 112 countries, and counting. It’s a dream come true!


The secret canvas of nature stands in this collection, where glossy beetles encapsulate a mystical aura in a new design language. A lost paradise is found in these tiny creatures, creating signature pieces that reflect courage, balance, wisdom and strength. In a transformative scenario, an enduring love for wildlife represented by shapes and delicate details builds a whimsical sense of beauty.

These one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are built with Labradorite and color crystals, wounding their way into a perfect iridescent language where light takes over in their inside like a statement of the force of nature. Apple green, champagne and alexand violet hues glorify the details of these insects, soft-toned stones that are accompanied with a 925 silver base and an 18k gold plating. Amulets in the shape of necklaces, earrings and rings honor these mythological creatures with a minimalist yet contemporary aesthetic. Miracle-creators, magic-makers: organic guises carrying the empire of elegance.

STONES: Labradorite, Apple Green zirconia, Champagne zirconia, Alexand Vilolet zirconia.


The force of a name knows no boundaries. A name bears truth, it tells a story. Bringing self love as a permanent state of mind, this collection frames uniqueness and celebrates confidence in a newness design scenario. Bringing back the nineties’ and giving a twist to their beautiful nostalgia, floating letters rise as the innovative and distinctive personal symbol: a new reality is born from a piece of jewelry that empowers your true self and says your name out loud.

MATERIAL 925 Sterling Silver FINISHING — 18k Gold plating STONES Tiger Eye Gemstones, Labradorite Gemstones, Mother of Pearl Gemstones with crystal Golden yellow crystals, Peridot green crystals, Olive green crystals, Golden yellow crystals, Spinel blue crystals, Rhodolite violet crystals, Pure white crystals




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