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Designers note: ''The sky is the limit, shooting beyond the stars, feeling over the Moon - just like the universe itself, the savings entailing it are endless. They point towards something larger than life, something beyond imagination. And that is precisely the energy we wanted to capture with the TI SENTO - Milano fall/winter 2023 collection. I would say this collection forms a celebration of evolution and rebirth, of femininity in its purest form, reflected in elegantly infused staples and pieces that echo the natural world.

I love combining the bold, chic, timeless. and outspoken. To me, it entails style. The trick isn't found in matching sets. Of course, you could wear them as a safer bet for a day at the office, but I invite you to try the opposite. Dare to wear clashing items as you've never done before. Create the momentum to step out of your comfort zone.

For this collection, we drew inspiration from different phenomena. From the endless sky, the stars, the Moon, its mysterious zodiac signs, and colours derived from nature. Overall, female energy is what connects the different sub-collections. A certain mood comes with this kind of femininity - we point at the female energy you probably know or have experienced. It entails the freedom of self-expression, the power of beauty, and a sense of elegance and grace. It takes courage to embrace your femininity: therefore, we challenge you. Don't let the sky be the limit; aim for the stars instead. I hope this collection inspires you to reach your goals and live your best life.

Love, Lilian''

Star light

Iridescent shades demand attention. They are statement-making in the most stable possible way. These staples are infused with elegancy and made to carry with you forever.

Shooting for the stars

Why reach for the sky if you can shoot for the stars? We like setting our standards high and exceeding all expectations. Stargaze more often and feel enlightened.

Golden hour

Nothing beats the golden hour. Whether in winter or summertime, it is, without a doubt, the prettiest and most magical time of the day. Our gold plated, classic collection is inspired by this moment of endless possibilities. Either stack these beauties or wear them as stand alone treasures, enhancing the simplest looks.

Queen of the gems

The pearl is the ultimate modern classic - being more relevant than ever. For the ultimate charm offensive, arm yourself with a fresh tak on well-known classics. Because this season, pearls shake off their polished image.

Head in the clouds

Beyond the flow of passing trends, pearls stand the test of time. Whether worn as a central showpiece or layered with modern statement items, pearls complement every outfit, from minimalist chic to the most extravagant.

Over the moon

Is there anything more fascinating than our world’s Moon? She is said to be feminine, carrying the female energy we used as this collection’s primary source of inspiration. The Moon has a sense of mystery and magic that we like to capture in our creations as well. Asking for the Moon has never felt so tangible. Demand what you are worth, and feel confident if you get what you asked for.

Dark romance

Without darkness, there cannot be lightness. Embrace your inner sci-fi alter ego with our pieces that embody a dark edge. Pearls are juxtaposed with sharp shapes and substantial cuts, creating an exciting balance between the light and dark sides of life. The pendants are the perfect companion to every ear party but also blend well with stacked necklaces. 

Written in the stars

Having a low mood? Then it must be Mercury Retrograde. Always feel the urge to tidy up? Typical for a Virgo. Prefer to be the center of attention? Leos don’t know how to act any differently. Tell me your star sign, and I know how you will react to most situations. Many people’s character traits correspond to their zodiac sign in minor details.



TI SENTO - Milano:

TI SENTO - Milano smykkedesign sammenfatter den unike Milanese stil:raffinert, on-trend og aldri altfor opplagt.
TI SENTO - Milano ble lansert i Nederland i 2003, og de brukte erfaringen fra mange års produksjon av luksuriøse gulls-/diamantsmykker til å lage et sølv varemerke som gir følelsen av luksus og noe man har råd til. TI SENTO - Milano ønsker å inspirere ved å skape moderne, feminine og elegante smykker med rike farger og med et europeisk preg.
TI SENTO - Milano kvinnen er trendy, stilfull og svært motebevisst. Hun kombinerer farger med stil og lager et personlig utseende, lekent og smart, perfekt til henne.  Alt for å føle seg vakker og attraktiv.